woensdag 2 maart 2011

Agility Bridge / Dark Bow Lure

One very old lure, but after several years this lure still working!

Basic idea: Some (welfare) pkers get lured from mage bank a multy-attack zone.
Against the rules of Jagex: No.
Lure team exicts: 1 Bait, At least 3 Killers.
Attack styles of the killers: Ancient magics and Range.
Risk of failing: Normal
Stats of bait: combat 100 - 110
Stats of killers: Range 95 - 99 or/and magic 94 - 99
Suggested: Skype or any other program were you can talk with each other, talking is way faster than typing + reading.

The killers stand upstairs of the Wilderness agility arena, here is a small multy-attack zone. The Bait is hopping at the mage bank till he meets a pker with a high risk value.
Since the bait is a good target for the pker he will rush him. If you are not tbed in his sight just say you are tbed. Then you start running to the agility arena. Take brews and sharks with you to survive from max magers.
Just before you go upstairs the agility bridge you tell the killers of your team to pot and pray up.
After that, just click on the door and you will walk to the arena. NOTE: You can't eat, pot or pray when you are ON the bridge. So, Most of the time the killer will follow you upstairs he will die since you only have to drain 990 damage.
I Suggest atleast one killer ice blitz/barrage and the other killers use Dark Bow or Hand Cannon.

outdated video, updated video is coming soon.

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