woensdag 16 maart 2011

Torag hammers / Blessed spirit shield Lure

Basic idea: Scamming Godswords, Whips, SOL, Sara sword or D Claws by letting him risk his high value weapon.
Lure team: Solo
Attack styles of the killers: Ancient magics (prefer Ice blitz or barrage), Melee (prefer Dragon Claws or some other weapons with a good KO special)
Risk of failing: High, there are many people who aren't so dumb to fall for this lure. But it still works for me.
Requirement: Be a really good talker, have 4 torag hammers or 4 blessed spirit shields.

Everybody that you keep 3 items (or 4 with protect item) when unskulled or 1 item with protect item when you ARE skulled.
This items you keep depends on the worth of the items, but, you keep the highest in-game price items, not the highest market price items.
You can look the in-game price up by searching for the high-alchemy worth of the item.

A Torag hammer(150k each) protects over D Claws, Whip, SOL and sarasword
A Blessed spirit shield(2000k each) protects over a GODSWORD

The hard part of this lure/scam is to get the person with the highvalue item to the wilderniss.
My tactic is:
- Go to Grand Exchange and search for any Godsword, D Claws or other weapon.
- Add him, when his private is on, start talking with him in private, otherwise contact him in public and tell him to add you again. Tell him he is a old friend of you since he is in your friendlist.
- Have a talk with him
- Ask him if he want to help you with something, it will takes 10 minutes and you want to offer some money for his help.
- Tell him you are making a video where you want to special someone till death.
- Tell him he only have to take his weapon, he dont have to risk something. Give him a prayer potion before entering the wildy to give him some trust.
- Enter the wildy by using the lever.
- If he skull you only have to drop 1 hammer or shield, if he dont want to get skulled grap 4 NOTED hammers or shields. When you are ready to kill, drop the hammer(s)/shield(s).
- When he takes them start to kill him and you get his weapon.

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