woensdag 2 maart 2011

Scorpion Pit Lure

Agility arena Lure
Also a very old lure, but it will work!

Basic idea: Some (welfare) pkers get lured from mage bank to a multy-attack zone.
Against the rules of Jagex: No.
Lure team: 1 Bait, at least 3 killers with ice Ancients.
Attack styles of the killers: Ancient magics (prefer Ice blitz or barrage), Melee (prefer Dragon Claws or some other weapons with a good KO special), Range(prefer Dark Bow).
Risk of failing: Normal, Splashing the barrage can fail this lure, U need some more skills for this lure since you have to ice the target very quickly
Stats of bait: combat 100 - 110
Stats of killers: Range 95 - 99 when ranging, magic 82 - 99 to ice then target, 95+ attack and 95+ strength when you are using D Claws or any other weapon.
Suggested: Skype or any other program were you can talk with each other, talking is way faster than typing + reading.

At the scorpion pit there is a multy-attacking zone. The bait got the lure the welfare pker to the multy-attacking zone. When the pker arrives, the killers (who also standing in that multy-attacking zone) starts freezing the pker, after he is frozen KO him with ranging/melee/magic.

Here is a map how to walk when you are the bait, where the multy begins and where the killers have to wait.

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